(RM500 OFF!) 10 Sessions of CrossFit Personal Training


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Have you always wanted to try out CrossFit but don’t fancy working out in a group? Perhaps the class schedule is not a good fit for you?

Enrol in our Personal Training program!

Have your CrossFit program personalized and designed specially for your needs, and enjoy the exclusivity of:

1. A dedicated professional coach
2. Equipment and freedom of space
3. Working out on your preferred day and time, always at your convenience
4. Achieving proper form and technique via the one-on-one coaching sessions
5. Attaining and maintaining your fitness goals for the long term

Sign up now and save RM500! Only RM 1,499 for 10 sessions for two! (NP: RM1,999)

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Achieve the health, fitness, and of course body that you have been dreaming of. As a bonus, you’re also boosting your health and immunity #saynotocovid19 #fightcovid19