Choosing the Best Membership Package: A Guide

Whether you're a new member looking to join or a current member considering renewal, selecting the right membership package is essential for maximizing your experience and value. We offer a range of packages designed to fit different schedules and fitness goals. Here's a breakdown to help you decide which package suits you best. Keep reading below!


Coach Dann

5/23/20243 min read

Hello everyone,

To help you choose the best membership package that fits your fitness goals and schedule, we offer a range of options tailored to different needs and commitment levels. Here's an in-depth look at our membership packages:

Premium Memberships

Ideal For: Members who can attend more than 3 times per week or more than 10 times per month. If you are highly committed and want the flexibility to attend as many classes as you like, the Premium Membership is your best option.

Why choose this package: The Premium Package offers unlimited access to our facilities and classes. It's ideal for those who are committed to making fitness a significant part of their weekly routine. With this package, you'll benefit from our full range of services, ensuring you get the most out of your CrossFit Pahlawan membership.

Savings Insight: By opting for the longer-term Premium Memberships, you can enjoy significant savings. For instance, if you sign up for the 1 Year Premium Membership, you save RM1,149 compared to paying monthly for 12 months (RM429 x 12 = RM5,148).

Saver Membership: 1 Year Special

Ideal For: Members who can attend 2-3 times per week, totaling of 10 times per month, or those with busier schedules who can attend less frequently.

Why Choose This Package: The 1 Year Saver Membership is perfect for those with a consistent but moderate workout schedule. According to our database, most members check in about 10 times per month. This package was created to help you save while providing an adequate amount of CrossFit classes to get fit and stay fit.

Savings Insight: Save RM1000 compared to the 1 Year Premium Package, and save RM2149 compared to paying monthly for 12 months of the Premium Package.

Saver Membership: CrossFit Rahmah

Ideal For: Members who can attend 2 times per week or up to 8 times per month, or those with busier schedules who can attend less frequently.

Why Choose This Package: The CrossFit Rahmah Package offers a cost-effective option for those with a busy lifestyle, ensuring you stay connected to your fitness journey. With a special unbelievable price of RM199 per month, there's no better deal out there. With our direct debit facility, you don't have to worry about price hikes for the next two years!

Savings Insight: You will save RM230 per month in comparison to the monthly Premium Membership, totaling savings of RM5,520 over two years!

How To Check Your Attendance Record

Not sure how often you've been attending? Here’s a quick guide to checking your attendance record through our app:

  1. Open the app.

  2. From the Home screen, tap "View All" in the attendance section.

  3. Review your total monthly check-ins.

By regularly monitoring your attendance, you can make an informed decision about which package aligns best with your fitness habits and goals.

Making Your Decision

  1. Evaluate Your Schedule: Consider how often you realistically can and want to attend CrossFit sessions.

  2. Check Your Attendance: Use the app to see your past attendance records.

  3. Choose Accordingly: Select the package that matches your attendance frequency and commitment level.

      Example Scenarios:

  • If you attend CrossFit more than 10 times a month: Opt for the Premium Membership to take full advantage of your dedication.

  • If you attend around 10 times a month: The 1 Year Saver Membership is your best bet for consistent access.

  • If you attend up to 8 times a month: The Rahmah Package will provide sufficient access without overpaying.

By aligning your membership package with your attendance habits, you’ll ensure that you get the best value and experience from CrossFit Pahlawan. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our staff. We're here to support you on your fitness journey!

Yours in fitness,

Coach Dann
Head Coach,
CrossFit Pahlawan